The EŌSS Story

Estes Design and Manufacturing was started in 1976 when Larry Estes saw a need for quality sheet metal manufacturing.  While other companies were outsourcing engineering, designs, and manufacturing, Larry Estes built a team of engineers, designers and manufacturing specialists.


Over the years the Estes brand has stood for quality products, fairly manufactured, with the best custom designs and innovations.  Faith, family and freedom are core to the Estes family culture and outdoor living has always been part of their lifestyle.

Frustrated by the lack of quality products for the avid outdoor sports enthusiast, the Estes design team started from the design board up to create the EŌSS brand, Estes Outdoor Sport Systems.  EŌSS is more than storage, just like the passion for golf or hunting is more than a sport. 

Every EŌSS product is made for generations to come, from our family to yours.  We guarantee that each EŌSS product was made with the highest quality materials, the most innovative design, with attention to every detail.  We know that EŌSS will become as beloved in your family as it is in ours. 

 From our family to yours,