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EŌSS Sportsman Locker

Some Things Are Worth It

 We know your guns are more than just guns, your dog is more than a dog, and hunting is more than something to fill your time.  Putting your guns in the back of your truck shouldn't be something you compromise.  EŌSS is made because we know some things are worth it.

EŌSS Sportsman Locker

Made of 11-, 14- and 16-gauge steel, the EŌSS Sportsman Locker is engineered for safely storing up to 4 long guns.  It is water resistant, theft resistant and installs without any drilling into a truck.

Avid hunters know that some things are replaceable if the unforeseeable happens.  Others are not.  A pair of hunting boots can be replaced, but if your guns are stolen your hunting trip is ruined. 

EŌSS protects your hunting trips from the unimaginable.

Functional Design


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EŌSS products are proudly designed, manufactured, and made in the USA.

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