The EŌSS Sportsman Locker Defined in Four Words



Ensuring that the most prized possessions of your hunting collection are always kept safe, the EŌSS Sportsman Locker was designed with security on the top of the “must have” list. The locker’s anti-theft design with locking mounting system, vandal-resistant reinforced door panel, and the three-point latch system are just some of the design features constructed to provide you with peace of mind. After all, we take pride in protecting what you love.



Built with 11-, 14-, and 16- gauge steel, the EŌSS Sportsman Locker is engineered for maximum strength and durability to provide a life-long hunting storage solution. The ribbed design on the top of the locker helps maximize its structural integrity, and stainless steel sealing rivets and high strength adhesive are what create the water and dust resistant shell of the locker. We topped off this flawless design with a rugged powder coat finish. Why? Because some things are simply worth it.



The EŌSS Sportsman Locker houses two slide out drawers with 30” extension, making it easy for you to conveniently store your guns, ammo, and other hunting gear with easy tailgate access. Up to four long guns can be safely stored in the top drawer, with additional space on the accessory bottom drawer for gun shells, dog collars, duck calls, hand guns, or any other gear in your hunting collection.



Designed to minimize   installation headaches and maximize truck bed utilization, the EŌSS Sportsman Locker is mounted on a no drill installation kit that does not require you to make any permanent changes to your truck. The locker can be quickly and easily installed in the bed of your truck in 15 minutes or less, and the wheel-well design of the Sportsman Locker efficiently utilizes space in the bed of your truck. Moving or have another project in mind? No problem! The locker can be easily removed from your truck for full-bed hauling and then be installed again for your next hunting adventure.

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