Whether it is football, golf, or hunting, a love for the outdoors is what characterizes the Estes family. As a family of avid outdoorsmen, it was their desire to build products that met the needs of their own personal passions and hobbies. Recognizing the lack of high-quality products available to store and protect their sporting gear and equipment, the Estes family knew they could do better.

With the technology and resources already at their disposal, they took this desire and transformed it into a solution. Confident they could design and fabricate high-quality yet functional outdoor storage systems, the Estes family brought their ideas to the drawing board and commenced work on their very first product ideas. Driven by their passion for sports and wanting to instill that same love in the future generations of their family, the EŌSS brand was born.

The EŌSS brand seeks to deliver high quality yet functional storage solutions that help protect what you love. As hunters and outdoorsmen ourselves, we understand that hunting is more than a sport; it’s a way of life. It is our mission to design and build the best. Precision serves as the caliber for everything we do. Each EŌSS product is fabricated with impeccable design and careful attention to detail, ensuring that superior quality is what each customer receives. Our products provide peace of mind, knowing your weapons and equipment are safe and secure.

Our innovative designs come from firsthand experience and an appreciation for high-end quality products. The EŌSS brand was built with the desire to enhance the memories and stories of our sporting adventures. That’s our story. How will EŌSS play a role in yours?

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