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Welcome to Tailgate Talk, the blog and newsroom for EŌSS (Estes Outdoor Sport Systems)! EŌSS is an extension of our family-owned business called Estes Design and Manufacturing, Inc. As a full-service sheet metal fabricator in the business for almost 44 years, we know a thing or two about sheet metal. However, while in the sheet metal manufacturing business, we are also a family of outdoor sport enthusiasts. As active participants in all kinds of sports, including hunting, football, and golf, we continually found ourselves frustrated by the lack of high-quality yet functional products available to store and protect our sporting equipment and gear. So, we decided to combine our knowledge of sheet metal and our love for our personal passions and hobbies into designing high-quality yet functional storage solutions.

As hunters ourselves, we understand some of the common problems and frustrations every hunter faces – worries of a smash and grab, stolen gear or weapons, no easy access to weapons, issues of space in truck for equipment and passengers, problematic organization of gear and equipment, etc. With this understanding and first-hand experience evolved the EŌSS Sportsman Locker – the solution to every hunter’s storage needs.

Tailgate Talk is where we will share stories about the products we make. We’ll discuss products features and uses, you’ll get firsthand information about new product releases and behind the scenes looks at how EŌSS products are fabricated. In addition to this we will use our blog platform to share photos, videos, stories of our customers, and much more. We will discuss industry news and share some of our own personal hunting tips and favorite game recipes. Most importantly, we want to use this platform to give you the opportunity to get to know us – the EŌSS team. We will share our own hunting stories and funny experiences – and trust us, there are many!

Also, we want to hear from YOU! So we welcome you to respond, and add comments or suggestions to any of the content you view on our blog. We are looking forward to the opportunities we will have to engage in interactive communication with our customers and gain your feedback.

We are excited about embarking on this EŌSS adventure and invite you to take part in the journey with us!

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