The Science Behind EŌSS

Product testing is an essential part in the design and fabrication of any new product. We put the Sportsman Locker through several rounds of testing to ensure it would perform as promised, validating it's flawless design. 

Double-Load Weight Test

To ensure the Sportsman Locker was engineered to last, we performed several double–loaded weight tests on the locker. The purpose of the experiment was to evaluate the strength of the mounting system, test the rigidity and durability of the locker itself, and prove that the Sportsman Locker could also double as a bench in the back of your truck, withstanding the weight of two people. We started with two 70 lb. weights on both the front and back of the locker, working our way up in 60 pound increments (30 lbs. on each end). In between each additional weight that was added we measured any deflection between the mounting system and the locker, recording any changes in the locker dipping or bowing. We also measured the levelness of the entire locker in relation to the mounting brackets with all the additional weight on top. With 630 lbs. on the locker and only 5/16” of deflection under all that weight, we are confident the EŌSS Sportsman Locker can withstand all the wear and tear of even your wildest hunting adventure.

Water-Resistant Test

One of the major benefits of the EŌSS Sportsman Locker is the fact that it is water resistant. We wanted to ensure that your weapons would be safe from the rain and that the locker would be able to keep any water out during a normal cleaning cycle. Taking nothing for granted we wanted proof that the gasketed construction of the door, the sealing rivets used throughout the locker, and the high strength adhesive used in all seams were going to perform as promised. We used a 1,500 psi pressure washer and sprayed the entire surface of the locker for a full two minutes, particularly focusing on the door and all other seams throughout the body of the locker. We were pleased to find the inside of the locker bone dry.

Break-In Test - We Make It, We Break It

What better way to ensure the EŌSS Sportsman Locker is vandal resistant than to break into it ourselves – or at least try to. We performed several timed tests to prove the Sportsman Locker would provide the proper security needed to safely store your weapons. We took a timed two minute attempt at breaking into the door, testing the strength of the locker’s channeled three-point latch locking system. With that proving to stop our “thief” we then made attempts at trying to break-in from the compression locking handle and the stainless steel hinge. With those providing unsuccessful entry points as well, we are convinced the EŌSS Sportsman Locker will provide you with secure gun storage that gives you peace of mind.

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