EŌSS Introductions

Meet Gary, our EŌSS National Sales Manager. With thirty-five years experience in the manufacturing industry and an avid hunter, Gary understands both the technical aspects of the EŌSS Sportsman Locker as well as the practical solutions it brings to the life of a hunter.

Gary served as the Assistant Plant Manager at Estes Design and Manufacturing for thirty-five years. During that time he helped oversee production aspects of the Estes AWS division of the company. When Gary’s expertise was consulted in the design of the locker he took inspiration from the Estes AWS Pickup Truck Rapid Access Weapon Locker. Gary knew that hunters desired the same kind of security for their weapons as law enforcement personnel.

Seeing other product options and recognizing the design flaws in them, Gary’s hunting perspective was influential in the conception and design of the Sportsman Locker. Gary reflects, “I travelled on lots of hunting trips with my weapons locked in the cab of my truck. I was always worried about a smash-and-grab or the theft of my weapons when I would stop to eat or stay the night in a hotel. I wanted to be a part of producing a solution to my own problem and a problem I knew a lot of other hunters faced as well.” Gary also knew that slide out drawers were an important feature for easy access, and knowing that hunters would love having the additional storage space, he suggested adding another slide out drawer as well. Gary states, “My favorite feature of the Sportsman Locker is the firearm security it provides me while traveling. Having the peace of mind that your weapons are safe means everything to a hunter."

Gary is an avid hunter who hunts a wide range of game including deer, duck, pheasant, quail, and coyotes. He takes yearly hunting trips to do duck hunting at Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee and pheasant hunting in South Dakota. In his new role as the EŌSS National Sales Manager, Gary travels across the country making appearances at gun shows, local gun shops, and auctions, helping promote the Sportsman Locker and it’s amazing yet functional features.

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