American Made

There is a special feeling that comes with buying American-made products - feelings of pride, patriotism, and confidence. Choosing "Made in the USA" products provides a sense of satisfaction and fulfilled duty and is an expression and celebration of the freedoms we are blessed to enjoy. 

As a manufacturer in the US, we understand the important role the manufacturing industry plays in the success of the US economy. We are proud of our innovation, making products that help our country grow and thrive long term. As allies of domestic manufacturing, our “Made in the USA” label accompanies every EŌSS product and is shorthand for “quality products made by an American manufacturer with integrity and pride in our American heritage.” Our definition of American Made is quality and durable products lasting for years and years, eventually being handed down to future generations. 

Quality serves as a fundamental pillar to the EŌSS brand and one of the reasons why the brand was created. By choosing to manufacture the product ourselves here in the US, we have the opportunity to deliver unmatched quality. We have full control of every process, from the materials being used to the way each product is constructed. This complete oversight of the entire manufacturing process results in a quality product that simply cannot be matched by outsourcing. We don’t just design what we sell; we make what we sell - with integrity and pride. So when you buy the EŌSS brand, you are dealing directly with the maker. We own it – every step of the process. 

We take pride in what we do – protecting what you love, producing quality American-made products, and growing our economy together. So help us keep it “American Made” - buy EŌSS!

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